"Someone please feed Miley Cyrus. Don’t you need ass to twerk?"

-2013 MTV Video Music Awards

siimpleyetsmooth asked:


I hate when people stop talking to you and then message you like nothing happened.

So, I’m supposed to say, “Heyyy”?
Fuck out of here. I don’t speak to ghosts.

This guy is speaking nothing but slang and I’m here like: 

"If you found something good STOP searching"

then maybe Dorion wouldn’t be in this type of predicament. He has a girlfriend who loves him deeply yet his ass crying because he loves the other girl too?!? Why were you talking to her in the first place? What’s the point of having a girlfriend?


At least this one did some investigating and found out about the multiple profiles. #smartmove

But for his current girlfriend to allow him to continue on his search in finding this mystery female in hopes of another relationship. #badmove

I would have left his ass

If you’re going to do some sort of Caribbean blog, please be accurate…

Shittttt, don’t put up any photo and tag “Barbados”.

(that strange photo I just saw)

We Bajans know what belongs in our category AND it’s BAJAN not BAJUN or BAYJUN. 

I’m sorry, but chicken feet isn’t on my top list to taste….

My damn, Philip 7 is fineeeeeee

pumpupthevolumee asked:
i want to _be friends with_ you.. like seriously we live so close too :D

We can be friends =) and cool which part you live?

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